Wednesday, 5 May 2021


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Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Past adventures

Vertues are famous for being very capable yachts. From the previous owner we heard that Grace may have sailed all the way to Australia and back. This detail has not been confirmed yet. However, we have Grace’s Suez Canal certificate issued in 1979 which suggests that a trip to Australia may have been a real possibility. We may never know if she did make it to Australia and back. But at least we know that the owners of Jamile (as Grace was known then) had long sea voyages in mind.

Sunday, 2 May 2021

Steam Bending the Beam Shelf

With the hull ready to accept the new beam shelf and with the new beam shelf cut and prepared ready to go in, we set about creating a steam box to steam the new timber.

We used a large billy to boil the water, heated on a gas burner. The steam was piped into the wooden box, which has a door on the opposite end to add and remove the timber.

The timber was left in the steamer for about two hours, to ensure it was hot enough and would bend to shape easily. Once ready, it was offered up into the hull and clamped into position. Both scarfs lined up really nicely and the timber bent to shape perfectly. Smiles all round!

Preparation for Beam Shelf Replacement

Where the starboard hull side is rotted the beam shelf is actually broken in two (see first image). Therefore, we need to remove the old sections in order to fit a new one. We retained the old beam shelf while we replaced the hull frames, as it gave us a good point to bend and clamp the new frames to. Now, with the new frames in place and with the hull shape also supported by the external longitudinal beams, that we previously laminated in place, the beam shelf can come out.

The beam shelf supports the ends of the deck beams and creates a significant longitudinal strength member at the sheer. The second picture shows the same area on the port side. Here you can see the chainplate attachments and the hanging and lodging knees that further reinforce this area.

We decided not to replace the full length of the beam shelf, as this would become complicated at the bow and the stern. Instead we chose to replace about two thirds of it. Scarfing the new timber onto the old at each end.



Monday, 5 April 2021

New Frames Completed

The new frames are now in the boat. All has gone well and with the addition of some nice new bronze screws, all the associated planks have now also been refastened.

Saturday, 27 March 2021

Timber Delivery!

 We now have the timber we need to replace the beam shelf, sheer plank, some of the hull planks, some of the deck beams and some of the transom. Plenty of work to get stuck into!! We have also acquired a thicknesser to help us machine the timbers to size. This was used initially to fine tune the laminations for the hull frames.

Sunday, 21 March 2021

First New Frames!

Following a little delay in the timber delivery, Juanpa drove and picked up the Iroko strips, that had been prepared for laminating the new hull frames. Epoxy was bought and we got on with laminating the first new frames to go into the boat by us. We are removing a few frames at a time. Replacing them and then moving on to the next ones. Three are now in, with about another seven to be replaced. Whereas the previous owner had tried repairing the top sections of the frames and scarfing the new onto the old, we are replacing the whole frame from sheer to keel.